The Next Step to Follow

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The Next Step to Follow

April 4, 2017 Follow Jesus 0

Photo Credit: Daniel Nebreda Lucea Flickr via Compfight cc

We all know how to follow what we can see. How do we follow what we cannot see? If you are following Jesus, you are trying to follow what you cannot see! Is there an effective way to confidently follow?

As Jesus was walking the earth, he found various people and invited them to follow. Today, he does the same thing. He issues the call through his word, speaking right into our hearts! When we hear it, we know it! But what next? Where is Jesus leading and how can I know for sure? Surely, there is a way to know. Good news! There is!

God is a communicating God! From the dawn of history he has reached out to people through visions, dreams, an audible voice, angels, physical signs and visitations – most notably, Jesus! For this reason, we can be sure he wants to continue that communication with us today. No matter where you are in your walk, you still wonder what the next step is.

What is the next step? It is a step that you know. Let me explain. God has revealed so much of what he would have us do in his word. We could make an endless list (almost) of things to do in obedience to his will. So, this is it. What one thing that you know to be God’s will should you do today – right now? Perhaps, it is to give an encouraging word. Maybe there is someone you need to forgive. Do you feel burdened to pray for someone?

When you do something you know is God’s will, follow it up with something else you know is God’s will. By immersing yourself in a lifestyle of obedience to the known will of God, you will begin to understand how God acts in the world. You put yourself in a position of hearing more specific guidance from him through his indwelling Spirit.

So, before you go any farther – do that one thing you need to do! You are following Jesus!!