Your Faith Can Give Sight to the Blind – A True Story

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Your Faith Can Give Sight to the Blind – A True Story

September 26, 2017 faith 0

Do we expect to see healing miracles today? Do we have the faith to act on the prompts God gives us? There is a simplicity of worship and faith in this miracle story. Here is the story in Tina’s words:

Three Weeks of Fear

Photo Credit: blindfields Flickr via Compfight cc

It was a normal night when something woke my husband and me up. When we turned the bathroom light on I realized that my eyesight was gone. I was terrified. After a long night and daylight had arrived, my friend took me to the ophthalmologist only to find out that she couldn’t find anything wrong with me. She advised me to go to the hospital.

They admitted me and kept me in the hospital for ten days. They ran every test possible still had no clue what was wrong. Finally, they released me to go home, with a follow up in Dallas with a specialist.

Just 22 hours later I was on my way back to the hospital again. This time, my blood pressure and blood sugar had bottomed out. After a short stay, they finally agreed for me to go home again with still no clue to what was going on.
I was trying not to get discouraged but by this time three weeks had gone by.

Then, on Thursday, July 27th, the Lord touched me in a profound way.

The Power of Faith and Worship

My friend and I were sitting at the kitchen table listening to Christian music and praying. God poured his Spirit on us while listening to four songs: Awesome God was the first; Praise You in the Storm was the second; How Can It Be was the third and Amazing Grace the fourth. At this point, I was worshiping God in the fullest way; in a way I had never worshiped him before. My friend and I were praying for God to either give me contentment or to heal me from my blindness. She felt the Lord leading her to touch my eyes. After praying and touching them, she told me to open my eyes.

All at once, I could see again. I was ecstatic! We went back to the eye doctor to find out that I had fluid and swelling on my eyes. He said there was no way that I was able to see. I could and still can. Praise God for his divine healing!

How Was This Miracle Possible?

God still heals! It is amazing what he does from a heart of worship. When we are willing to be moved and submissive to his work. He works in many different ways through many different people. Tina’s story gives us some good guidelines to be able to see God work in powerful ways!

Worship unconditionally

Those four songs were all about God. They transcend circumstance. When they listened to and sang Amazing Grace were they wondering about God’s grace for Tina’s lost sight? During this song, God spoke!

Trust completely

The point of their prayers was not just healing but acceptance. We cannot always know God’s will but we can always accept his leadership! Complete trust means we accept whatever comes our way knowing our God is greater than any difficulty we will ever encounter!

Obey fearlessly

How often will we be prompted to place our hands on the eyes of the blind? Maybe never but we must be fearless in doing what God tells us to do. It is fearless obedience that witnesses miracles. Tina’s friend was humbled and profoundly touched by what happened.

Follow boldly

Jesus followers follow with great confidence in the leadership and power of God!  He is the one who changes everything for us!

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What will you do today?

First, pray that you will worship unconditionally, trust completely, obey fearlessly and follow boldly.
Then, do it!