The Priorities of a Follower

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The Priorities of a Follower

April 25, 2017 Follow Jesus 0

The follower of Jesus has a very simplified priority system! In fact, it can’t be any simpler.

There is one priority – follow Jesus. That’s a simple but incomplete answer! We could easily assume that our lives would then be one dimensional. What about family, friends, work, recreation, school. Don’t those things matter?

Before we jump to any conclusions about what this life will look like, we must consider all of scripture and the life of Jesus himself. When we do that, we see that we can live a balanced and full life with following Jesus as our single priority.

Jesus had friends. In addition to his closest disciples, Jesus’ travels took him to many locations where he visited friends and often lodged with them. He and his disciples had family and attended to their needs as well. Even though he traveled and was often separated from them, we have small glimpses into his family life in various places in the gospels.

We have recorded just a small segment of Jesus’ life. His ministry spanned about three years but he lived with his family for the 30 years prior to his ministry!

The Bible also tells us about the value of work. It is clear that as followers of Jesus we will have productive work. And with work comes rest. Jesus would often go to deserted places to rest so we can be sure he will lead us to places of rest and renewal.

With Jesus leading the way, we can begin to piece together how priorities work for us. Following Jesus is our priority. It is the one constant that guides our lives. Jesus then helps us in our relationships at home, with friends, at work or at school.

Following Jesus assures us that we will not allow these good things – family, friends, work or school and rest – distract us from the single priority in our lives.

But, since Jesus works from the context of perfect love and abundant life for his followers, we live in confidence that the balance he leads us into will always be the best for us. When we focus on following Jesus, he provides the right proportions of family, friends, work, school, recreation, worship and perfect fulfilment!

With following Jesus as our single priority we begin to embark on a life lived to the full. This week as you follow, think about how abundant your life is becoming. Next week we will consider the abundant life more fully.

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