Month: April 2017

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5 Simple Life Changing Things You Can Do Right Now!

As a follower of Jesus we are not called to be ordinary. We are to called to be life changers. So what can we do to be life changers right now? Jesus followers were changed by following him. You are being changed by following him. Here are five┬ásimple things you can do right now to…
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April 5, 2017 0

The Next Step to Follow

Photo Credit: Daniel Nebreda Lucea Flickr via Compfight cc We all know how to follow what we can see. How do we follow what we cannot see? If you are following Jesus, you are trying to follow what you cannot see! Is there an effective way to confidently follow? As Jesus was walking the earth,…
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April 4, 2017 0

Three Simple Steps to Change Your World

Photo Credit: Ommation (Vasilis Benakis) Flickr via Compfight cc What if you could change your life? What if you could change the world? Too big? What if you could change your world? If you could do one thing better to accomplish that, would you do it? The greatest followers that ever lived changed their worlds.…
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April 1, 2017 0