6 Things You Can Do To Reignite Your Prayer Life

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6 Things You Can Do To Reignite Your Prayer Life

December 29, 2017 prayer 4

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Prayer is essential. Prayer gets hard. When it gets hard, don’t give up but reignite your prayer life! When we pray effective prayers we see answers and receive encouragement. It gets hard for me too so there are some things I do to help me get back on track! These six things have proven effective at firing up my prayer life when it gets a little stale.

Six Tactics to Fire Up Your Prayer

Use a list. If you don’t use a list start using one. You can’t remember everything you need to pray for. You might also consider recording your answers to prayer on that list!

Don’t use a list. Sometimes I get so stuck on my list I forget one important thing: prayer is a conversation. We can effectively use lists for business meetings, presentations and things to do but we don’t use a list when we are in casual conversation. I start my prayer time in casual conversation. (Then I turn to my list.)

Worship a little more. This is one of the hardest things to do. If you find it difficult, read a Psalm of worship – like Psalm 8! Take a little more time to worship God at the start of your prayer time.

Give thanks. Think of all the things you have to be thankful for and thank God. Remember that every good and perfect gift is from him (James 1:17) so give him thanks!

Ask for God’s help. He will help you pray! His word is full of wisdom about prayer and he will encourage you to pray as you ask for his help!

Feed your mind and life with inspirational writing about prayer. This helps me so much. I regularly read books about prayer. My favorite prayer writer is E.M. Bounds. You can find his books in electronic format everywhere. They are also in print if you so desire. You can read short articles on prayer that I have written that have helped hundreds of people already:

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Call to Action

I encourage you to make 2018 a year of powerful prayer. You will experience great spiritual growth and you will more closely follow Jesus!

And don’t forget to pass this on – share it, so others can be strengthened in their prayer lives, too!


4 Responses

  1. Patty Scott says:

    Use a list … don’t use a list! Just perfect. Thanks, Jim! I posted this on my FB page. I know you won’t find this ironic, but I was just – literally just – asking God to help fuel my prayer life in the new year when I opened my email to your note pointing me to this post. Bless you. You are being used by Him for great good.
    ~ Patty

  2. Nancy Hooks says:

    This is so where I am!! As I was struggling in prayer last night, I found myself up and down, looking at the list and putting it down, praising God and then crying out to him. I felt as though I was all over the place. But in the end, I felt peace in my heart. I find myself wondering…. is there a right way or a wrong way to communicate with God?

    • revjgw@yahoo.com says:

      Thanks for the comment, Nancy. You answered your own question: “in the end, I felt peace in my heart.” Prayer is such a journey and we learn all the time how we can pray. There are things we should never do in prayer such as become selfish and justify our sin. The Psalms show us that there are many ways to pray. When we pour out our hearts to God, he hears and certainly understands!

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